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American League Schedule

Team Name Contact Home Work Cell Team Name Contact Home Work Cell
63 Club Ryan Berg 250-6237 Bad Context Nick Ortmeier 358-7446
The Flying Carp Adam Eisenbraun 507-469-5934 Minnesota Mild Tricia Saponari 289-9333
Rask Brittany Rask 920-540-4984 Struggletown Spartans Sean Collins 535-0492
Turn Into The Skid Matt Barth 810-334-1925 West Conference Room Elizabeth Ketchum 269-3227
Wildwood Kevin Croal 269-0573

Date Start End Facility Event Type Home Pts Visitor Pts

Team Listed first on the schedule is the HOME team and has the choice of service or court for the first game.

**CANCELLATION of games will be made after 4:00 p.m. Please listen to radio stations KROC, KWEB, KWWK, KNXR or check the web site for cancellations made before 5pm.**

**Children brought to the games must be supervised by someone other than players.**

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